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In Love With Miao Silver Making

In Love With Miao Silver Making

Walking among the highlands of Sapa, Vietnam we were bombarded by trinket sellers who wanted us to buy. There was a proliferation of custom goods, and both high end and cheap handicrafts for sale up and down the streets, among the villages, and on every street corner. We gave in to gathering up fun gifts for home from the three young teens with babies who trekked with us for two hours. 

This was a normal day for them. Integrate with a group of tourists to sale their traditional offerings, to take back and provide for their village....

Growing stars of sustainable fashion around the world

Growing stars of sustainable fashion around the world

Most fair trade fashion passionistas tend to pull inspiration from travel, culture, and making a positive impact on the planet. That is where the start of Miao & Co. began.A simple trekking vacation that lead to meetings, importing, and creating a lifestyle business that supports social enterprise.

Take a look at what the Guardian has to say on this growing target. From repurposed fishing nets to restored leather and everlasting denim, these young designers are creating clothes with ethics woven in. Tamsin Blanchard introduces five Bright New Things.

A new breed of fashion...

Fall inspiration: Coal wool

Wool is the textile fiber obtained from sheep and certain other animals, including cashmere from goats, mohair from goats, qiviut from muskoxen, angora from rabbits, and other types of wool from camelids.

Wool has several qualities that distinguish it from hair or fur: it is crimped, it is elastic, and it grows in staples (clusters).

Wool's scaling and crimp make it easier to spin the fleece by helping the individual fibers attach to each other, so they stay together. Because of the crimp, wool fabrics have greater bulk than other textiles, and they hold air,...

Winter inspiration: Navy linens

Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.

Many products are made of linen: aprons, bags, towels (swimming, bath, beach, body and wash towels), napkins, bed linens, tablecloths, runners, chair covers, and men's and women's wear.

Textiles in a linen weave texture, even when made of cotton, hemp and other non-flax fibers, are also loosely referred to as "linen". Such...

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