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In Love With Miao Silver Making

Walking among the highlands of Sapa, Vietnam we were bombarded by trinket sellers who wanted us to buy. There was a proliferation of custom goods, and both high end and cheap handicrafts for sale up and down the streets, among the villages, and on every street corner. We gave in to gathering up fun gifts for home from the three young teens with babies who trekked with us for two hours. 

This was a normal day for them. Integrate with a group of tourists to sale their traditional offerings, to take back and provide for their village. We didn't mind as we had enjoyed so much of the country, culture and comaraderie with the group. Our favorites were the animated ladies in colorful garb, who were covered in detailed silver jewelry. We became obsessed with the unique silver, and decided we had to have some of this for our own outfits, and to share with our readers and consumers. 

The tradition of Miao silver among tribes indicates the more the better. For the Miao, silver equals beauty, and the best way to express beauty is to wear bigger, better and heavier pieces of silver. This holds true today, and we agree many pieces we enjoy are heavier than our "American" style counterparts. 

Miao silver is not pure silver, but an alloy of silver, copper and nickel. It’s a traditional material for making jewelry by craftsmen of Miao Hmong ethnic tribe. The percentage of silver is about 60%. Miao Hmong silver jewelry is distinctive for its design, style and craftsmanship. Miao Hmong silver jewelry is completely handmade, carved with decorative patterns. It’s not easy to make and there is no pair exactly the same. Miao Hmong people think silver accessories have spirits. Wear it more, clean it more, it will reward you with more beautiful luster.

Miao silver gets oxidized,especially during summer when people sweat a lot. Less moisture and no chemicals will keep it shine longer. Polish it the same way as you do with your other silver accessories. We promise the beauty will shine from your inside out, and show your uniqueness.  { portion excerpted from }

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