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We believe in taking advantage of everyday as if it were a race. Never passing up an adventure, an opportunity or a chance to make a difference. When venturing through the highlands of Vietnam and inspired by the local traditions and travel, fate decided to connect us with inspiring people along the way, and we knew we wanted our personal travel to leave behind more than a foot print. Our travel and passion lead us to partner with some great  guides, gear, product providers, and social enterprises. This is a collaboration of creators, marketers, designers, ambassadors, and nonprofits that wants to make a difference, just like you.


Since our trekking in Sapa, we have launched Miao + Co. in conjunction with nonprofits in the U.S. and Vietnam. Women owned businesses, that are creating social enterprise that gives employment and empowerment to women and girls. This was from a great sense of purpose to grow a product line to market on a wide scale that was from  and inspired by, the Hmong and Miao tribes, many of which migrated to Sapa from China.  We shared precious time with local hill tribes and brought back many local handicrafts that  we love and use. So we've picked many of our favorites to share with you here, along with some of our own designs we've created.



 The philosophy is simple, to create better living for more people across the world. Each product is hand picked, or hand made and designed with our tribal partners, and a portion  of every purchase is given directly to them to support locally owned social enterprises. Cutting through a lot of overhead costs, we can make sure the funds make a difference. It also supports education and sustainability for young girls and women in the highlands.

Want to join us on a trek, or volunteer at one of the nonprofits that provide directly to the education and training? Give us a shout. hello@miaoandco.life

  I hope you'll join the journey here, and stay in touch via email subscription or our journal if you have something to share. Thanks for taking a look, I hope you can shop and support, and help create a loyal and knowledgeable tribe of my own here to grow this passion. I value quality, support and honesty above all else.

 Why not stay a while and share your thoughts? 

With much gratitude. The Miao & Co. Team.




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Give us a shout at: hello@miaoandco.life